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Carding Mates Rules

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General Rules:

All posts must be written in English

This Forum is open to people of all ages.

Don't spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages

No Signatures will Be hot linked At All

Do Not Pm " ANY" Members And Ask For There Password Accounts Or Msn/yahoo or any messenger Or You Will Be

Don't flood on services topics, only feedbacks allowed.

Forbidden to beg.

Don't post links and files containing viruses or any malware inside.

Don't register accounts if nicknames are similar to the other participants and famous nicknames.

Flooding is prohibited on "Black List" section.


Do not use Multiple accounts


Requests are to be made in the proper section.

Use the search engine before posting a request and do more than one search, using different terms, to make sure the item you seek has not already been posted.

This Rules must followed by all cardingmate.net member.


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ich komme aus Deutschland :). I am from GERMANY, thanks/qwerty

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