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Scammers have infected over 1 million Android devices

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The malware spoofed ad views.

Fraudsters have installed software on more than a million Android devices that simulates ad views and makes money on it, researchers from the human cybersecurity company have found.

The fraudulent scheme emerged in 2019, when 29 official apps from Google Play were infected with a new virus. Infected apps simulated displaying ads that users didn't actually see. Mobile devices under the influence of malware were perceived as smart TVs (such as Roku players and Apple TVs), which allegedly processed 650 million ad requests per day.

As a result, ad providers paid cybercriminals allegedly to display ads because they were confident in the reality of the views.

Among the infected were the Any Light application for changing the backlight color (over 10,000 downloads), as well as the Sling Puck 3D Challenge game (over 100,000 downloads).
Now all applications have been removed from the store, and the data has been transferred to law enforcement agencies, the researchers say. A Google spokesman said it appreciates Human's help in uncovering the scheme.

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