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Andex Removed More Than 15 Million Links To Pirated Content From Search Results

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ix million of them were removed in less than three months of this year. The pirated content was posted on over 150,000 sites. Yandex, in partnership with the largest Russian copyright holders, removed from search results more than 15 million links to sites with illegal content. More than two years ago Yandex and the largest copyright holders signed a Memorandum that helped create a mechanism to protect the copyright holders of audiovisual content. The partners agreed to promptly search for illegal audio and video content and remove it from search results. By March 2021, over 15 million links had been removed. Six million of them were removed in less than three months of this year. The pirated content was posted on over 150,000 sites.


In the fight against illegal content, copyright holders play a key role - the owners of the rights to films, TV series, music, sports broadcasts and other content. They check the search results and put in the register links to sites that violate their copyright. These links disappear from Yandex search results within a few hours.

“As a search engine, we do not know and cannot determine the legal status of content posted on third-party resources. Therefore, we are grateful to all copyright holders for their joint work to combat piracy in Russia. We hope that an equally applicable anti-piracy law, which will take into account the interests of copyright holders of all content formats, will create the necessary legal basis for systematic work in this direction, ”said Maxim Zagrebin, head of search products.

The most active copyright holders who submitted the most links to the register (data at the end of February 2021): Star Media - 5.5 million, VGTRK - 2.7 million, KinoPoisk - 1.7 million, TNT-Teleset "- 1 million," A Serial "- 0.8 million, ivi - 0.7 million, Central Partnership - 0.5 million.

Thus, the seven largest copyright holders submitted a total of 12.3 million links, which is 82% from the entire registry. Most of all, the copyright holders asked to remove links to Yolki, Kalambur. Village of Fools "," The Walking Dead "," Comedy Club "and" By the laws of wartime "

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