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Founder of OVH will create a laboratory for the study of fires in the data center

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The laboratory's data center fire safety standards will be passed on to companies in the industry.


OVH, the largest hosting provider in Europe, continues to recover data from clients' servers after a fire in the SBG2 data center. The fire destroyed SBG2 and part of SBG1. OVH founder Octave Klaba noted the difference in fire prevention and suppression standards from country to country and even in data centers, depending on whether the room is mechanical or electronic.

Klaba has pledged to “strengthen the security” of all OVH data centers, as well as create a laboratory to develop fire safety standards in data centers, the results of which will be shared with organizations and companies operating in the industry.

“Moreover, we decided to create a laboratory in which I want to check and see how a fire occurs in different types of premises, and find the best way to extinguish the fire. I want to share this lab's findings with the entire industry because no one wants these incidents to happen in their datacenters, ”said Klaba.
OVH's current plan is to restart SBG4 data center on March 24, and all servers from SBG1 by Friday. The result remains SBG3, the largest surviving data center, with five floors and 600 racks, Klab said. Of these, 100 racks support the OpenStack public cloud, 100 run VMware for a hosted private cloud, and 400 host non-OS instances.
“30% of customers backed up to SBG2. We have their data and we will restart all VPS and PCIs for customers who decide to use OVHcloud backup services. In theory, this should be done within this week, ”said Klaba.

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