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  1. I just made a deal with him, Perfect seller legit! He booked airticket for me & everything checked no any problem all perfect
  2. cc received , please release payment, he is great seller, love to do work with him again
  3. need to buy 10 CC 180 USD from King World
  4. start escrow with King World
  5. Seems old guide but selling still, may help noobs for opsec ideas Unlimited Stealth Paypal Accounts and How to Withdraw Guide --- This guide is to teach you how to be "stealth" on paypal and how to actually get the money out. I have been through it all, funds held, funds lost, chargebacks/dispustes and suspended accounts. I currently have 3 paypal accounts that I use, and 2 backup accounts just in case. None are in my name or anyone related to me. It is always a good idea to have one paypal account that is legit, meaning you don't do any BS with it. This is your main account that you don't want to compromise. If you are already banned from paypal, this is OK, you just need to create a new paypal with a different name. The purpose of this main account is to use to withdraw your money. You can have as many stealth accounts as you want. You NEVER want to link any of your stealth accounts to your main account, i.e., send money directly from one to the other. Paypal will ban accounts that they link to a suspended account, should one of your stealh accounts get banned. They will see that the banned account received x amount of dollars, and every time sends same amount to the other account. Its really not that difficult. How to create a new account: If you've never had paypal before, this is good, as you have a fresh start. It is OK to have a paypal account that has your real info on it, as long as you just use it for innocent purposes, like selling or buying online. I will not go in to detail about opening a genuine PP account, as it is pretty self explanatory. If you are banned, or just want another legit/main account for back up reasons, you basically make this new account the same way as you would create a stealth account. The only difference is how you use it. It is best to use you main paypal account on a separate browser than your stealth accounts. This just prevents accidents, like forgetting to log out, forgetting to clear cookies, and IP address/proxy issues. Whenever you are done doing whatever it is you are doing, log and and clear your cookies and cache. I suggest using the same firefox portable as in the TOR browser bundle. All this is cleared automatically when you close the browser. Use sock5 proxy always You need to first find a region-specific IP address to use as a proxy. There are many paid proxy services who do this, Don't use VPNs or TOR, paypal can detect these and will limit/ban your new account. You get a software + username and password then you install it on your windows computer. After that you can just point and click to use sock5 proxies 130 countries to choose. Very easy! One thing I like to do is to use a free webhost and set up a basically useless site/page. Once they manually review the site, I put in a php proxy script to use so that I get a US IP address. If you implement this method, you must use a different host or at least create a new website within that host to get on a different server, or the IP address can be the same. It's just one of the things I like to do. A sourceforge link for the proxy will be located at the end of this guide. Now that you have your proxy, check it on ip-adress.com or other site and make sure it is working. Next you need a new email account (new for every paypal account you create). I prefer yahoo since they never ask for phone verification and I can create yahoo accounts through TOR. Using a new email and IP address for every paypal account is MANDATORY! If you use the same IP for 2 accounts, it may as well be one account, it will only be a matter of time before they link them and ban them both. You are going to want to get verified on at least one account, your main account. Your spending and withdraw limits will be lifted once verified, and this is the main reason to do this. Unverified accounts can only withdraw 500USD per month, but there is no online spending limit. The only way to verify a paypal account in the US is by attaching it to a bank account. Fortunately, BY LAW, paypal cannot see the name attached to the bank account. This is why they send 2 small deposits to it. You seeing the deposits and entering them in to paypal "verifies" that you are the owner of the account. This is good to know just in case you lose your main account, all you need to do is open a new bank account and start a new, verified paypal account. Just make sure that you use a new bank account with every account you wish to get verified. Having an account linked to a real bank account is ideal, since to get your money out, all you have to do is send it to the bank or use the debit card at an ATM. Use anonymous visa If for any reason you don't want to use your own bank account, or want to verify other stealth accounts but not withdraw straight to your own bank you can buy an anonymous Visa Debit Card with IBAN bank account, To withdraw from any website that pays to IBAN bank account (e.g. Paypal).Then withdraw from any ATM worldwide. the cards are completely anonymous. It is issued by a large Polish bank. they comes with the original accompanying letters, including a PIN-code for ATM withdrawals. The card has an associated online account that can be reloaded via bank-transfer (IBAN/BIC provided). Thus you can for example cash out BTCs, LR, or PayPal (via MTGox, intersango, etc...) The bank also offers a Web-Interface to manage your card(s), change PIN, see current balance and more. Ways to getting the money out. The easiest way is to use re-seller sites and freelance sites. Fiverr.com, freelancer.com and others that offer an escrow service. This method should also be used to transfer from any paypal to paypal accounts that you own. Never link your accounts! Just like with paypal, set up accounts both as seller and buyer on however many sites you want to use. You really only need one seller account on each, and as many buyer accounts as you with. Again, use new IPs and emails for every account. It is not only fine, but recommended to pair each account with the same IP/Email combo as the stealth paypal account it corresponds to. It's just easier to keep track of the combo this way. Paypal will only see the escrow transaction, and the link between the stealth and main account is broken. Fiverr is good for small amounts like this, since every transaction on fiver is....$5. Now just create jobs with the seller account, and bid on the jobs with your buyer accounts. Give the winning bid to yourself. On fiver, create gigs, and buy the gigs with your other accounts. Once you follow the site you chose procedure to withdraw to your main paypal account, you are free to withdraw to your bank. One thing to keep in mind is that whatever site you use, you will have to pay them a fee as well.
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