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  2. I'm very pleased I made a good decision to make deal with you! Excellent job, it's amazing. I got my order in few days Thank you so much
  3. Love this shop so much! already bought 20 material. refund percentage < 5%. this is the best shop that I have found on the forums. nick: tomjin1244
  4. CARD HOLDER = MAMORU ENOMOTO CARD NUMBER = 4980016702422447 EXP = 05/24 CVV = 310 Postal Code: 176-0001 State/Region: Tokyo City: Nerima WEB ID = emoyan512@gmail.com CARD PASS = Pochi1130
  5. Fresh Fullz USA UK JP Updated Good Quality And High Valid ICQ: 647698

  6. Fresh Fullz USA UK JP Updated Good Quality And High Valid ICQ: 647698
  7. as title says if u are a good Carder and can card stuffs like electric range ,dryers washing machines and french door Fridges hit up got a hot DROP in IL that sells same 24-48 hrs and urs is 40% from total price of item ... once it DELIVERED to DROP it will be sold instant Note many stores Call prior to Delivery to Drop you need contact if u card card dont contact on telegram to waste time or unnecessary questions Address be provided u card u send screenshot of what u card and when it ships u send shipping comfirmation email and tracking etc and we take it from there 24-48 hrs selling by DROP !! __________________
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  11. MORE ON POINT CCs share from THE Generous Seller THX+
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  13. Eu Uk CC,s 100%+ Valid Update Contact By Only Telegram: @kingworldcc
  14. Eu Uk CC,s 100%+ Valid Update Contact By Only Telegram: @kingworldcc

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  18. do you make transfers from a business account to another business account?
  19. I would like to know if it is still relevant ?
  20. Thank for post no woke for me🤦‍♂️
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