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In Poltava, A Hacker With The Help Of A "virus" Appropriated Almost A Million Hryvnias Of Citizens

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Cyber-policemen exposed the attacker who, with the help of a "virus", embezzled almost a million hryvnias. The man hacked into mobile phone accounts and collected personal data from users. Then he remotely reissued SIM cards and got access to online banking.

Employees of the department for combating cybercrime of the Poltava region, together with the investigation department of the Kremenchuk police, exposed the fraudulent activity of a citizen. The 31-year-old man used malicious software to hack accounts and access users' phone books. It was preliminarily established that due to the hacker's fraudulent actions, about 100 people were injured. The total amount of damage reaches one million hryvnia.

At the place of residence of the man, law enforcement officers conducted a search and seized computer equipment, mobile phones and bank cards. A special police battalion of the local police department was also involved in the searches. The hacker was announced on suspicion, he faces imprisonment for a term of three to eight years.

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