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How to Become Vendor and VIP

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Members who want to start business on our forum need to get status Vendor (except unverified advertisement).

Each sticky cost 200$ per month, you can have more that one sticky.
On sections Sell CC & CVV and Dumps - 500$ 3 month.
VIP MEMBERS Pay 300$ For 1 Year.

For Advance vendor you have to pass verification rules its must be you have to pass by provide your sell stuff we will verify your stuff validity and public.
For a pinned thread 80$ if you want to keep your adv on in the selected section.
For keep your vendor status forever thread+status 2500$ onetime.


If you didn't find the service or product that you're willing to provide in the list above, then you've got to check the in which you intend to provide your products and/or services.

Free Advertisement Strictly Prohibited.
Sale of cc/pp/ebay/fullz
Sale of dumps
Any kind of cashout/Drops
One time service offer of any Nature.

Only Paid and Verified advertisement allowed on the Board.

For Violation of above :- First deletion of post and warning.
Repeated Violation will lead to hall of shame!
Finally Ban!

Cardingmate team

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