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Cash out a bank account

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out MOVO. One of the fastest ways is with the PaySend app. This application is designed to send money from card to card. It's cool if you have a card for a drop or for a friend, although sending to personal cards has not yet been fraught with anything. We register for the data of our MOVO, select the country, the amount (you are allowed to send no more than $ 250 per day from one card, it is better to bet $ 240, because the system commission is still going on). During the first payment, you will be asked to accept minikis on the card, a 5-digit code - it will come immediately.

Important points:
- PaySend limits are increased by uploading documents via chat or email.
- It happens that PaySend does not skip a transaction, asks for a selfie with a card. We hammer into this account and do the next one.
- Money comes to the recipient's card in 10-30 minutes.

An additional way is the western union. Here we create an account again under the MOVO holder and send it to the bank details in ru. Mostly the payment is received in 2-5 days.

pay.g2a.com here in the cue ball with a little verification Cash out the BA in the cue ball

There is an exchange sfox.com and an application that works with it Ben to cash out BA in cue ball. I want to note that working with the application is much more convenient, the work is very simple. There is only one thing that scares off this is the hold of the cue ball for 17 business days, which results in a clean month. Verification both in the application and on the website is one according to the documents. DL set and payment, calmly eats renderings. I recommend not pouring more than $ 500 at a time, because you may be asked to ring. We will link MOVO to this exchange by account and routing numbers. Don't forget that you need to save 12 secret words. I advise you to write down everything, starting from observations of banks and ending with all data from accounts.

https://uphold.com/ - documents and selfies needed. If you have documents for BA, then just look for a similar person on Facebook / VK and his photo on the webcam.

CHIP! It will be useful to you in order not to attach MOVO to self-alignment. There are several similar offices, so I give you a vector for development. I uploaded from brute BA to MOVO from this office, it is possible to pay by account and routing numbers, now I returned to payments and invest. The bottom line is that we issue ourselves an invoice for payment (invoice) and pay for it ourselves, there are many such applications and services, and you can often pay directly in a letter to the mail. For this application, you need for 2 sides, it is convenient to photograph matte photo paper.

Why is there so much around MOVO? MOVO is a very convenient service. For example, it is much better than our QIWI in that there are no transfer fees and excellent limits. You can register MOVO only from a mobile application, for which you need either a Knox or a real Apple / Android phone with a US account. Registration is straightforward. What you need to know: - After registration, the physical card is sent to the holder's address and comes to him within 10 days. After that, it is possible that he will contact the bank and your card will be blocked. To avoid this - write a different address. MOVO does not react negatively to this. In this case, your account will live for a long time. - The phone number you provide can be anything. It is not required. - You can find an account and routing number for binding in the movo load-direct deposit section. - Money can be sent in the “send money” section, indicating the amount and the recipient's mail.

Transaction limits:
● 1000 $ per day
● 5000 $ per calendar month

Limits for international payments
● 250 $ per day.

- MOVO cannot be replenished by linking a bank to it. This function is inside the application, but you do not need it.
- You can go from one IP to a bunch of accounts and not be afraid of being blocked.
- If you send to addresses different from the holder, then blocking is quite rare.
- If you sent to the holder's address and want to know whether your account was blocked or not, go to the movo load-direct deposit section. There is no you can see the account and routing numbers. If there is still money on this card, then you can write it off only if you took a screenshot of the card during registration, because when blocking, the CVV code changes. You can still continue to pay for purchases with it, but only if you know the old CVV.
- MOVO operates on the basis of a metropolitan commercial bank, but the MOVO login and password will not work in the metropolitan commercial bank's personal account.

There are few MOVO analogs. One of its closest relatives is the Walleteros app. It also uses a metropolitan commercial bank, It is considered a little worse, because it does not have the ability to transfer to other accounts. Also, for example, there is WalmartMoneyCard, which uses GreenDot bank as a basis. Here, when registering, they may ask secret questions, which, fortunately, are no longer a problem for us.

Self Cheat VCC

I'll tell you how to pour VCC yourself, self-register paper and much more.

Who needs this manual:
1) Medium PayPal insects
2) Who doesn't know how to merge VCC
3) Guys who have long-lasting CC

What you need to start:
1) 200-500 $
2) 2 weeks + -
3) Don't be a lazy asshole

1) This article won't hurt anyone, that's for sure
2) Schoolchildren won't kill this method
3) I do this manga for the sake of helping beginners, I myself switched to a more profitable cash out

There is an office like gumroad.com that allows you to sell electronic products. Our way is to create a product and buy this product from ourselves, thus cashing out our funds.

Before starting, I advise you to read and look at these materials:
1) http://nathanbarry.com/experience-selling-gumroad/

We will need:
1) A product that will be of interest to a Western audience (book in English, music, beats, guides, software)
2) Ru Paypal account (not necessarily a business account) or an American debit (easy to get it, look for info)
3) Website based on ukit.com or any other constructor (the simplest varik)

Method # 1
1) Create a rupeal account for a drop, knit a ru BA, fill in $ 30-40 on a paper by any means to pay for a subscription to a gamroad, a subscription to a website builder, a domain. 2) We go to ukit.com, create a website for our product, I used books about Russia in English (I ordered writing to freelancers), here's an example - https://traveltips.biz/, pay for some domain and put a SSL certificate (we are top sellers).
3) We create an account of the seller on the gamroad, pay $ 10 for a subscription, we knit our output rupeal
4) We create products on the gamroad, in the first week 1-2 products, set the price of about $ 20-30 for each, we integrate our products on our website (on ukit.com it is easy to do this by inserting the product code on the gamroad (google))
5) We give you 1-2 days of rest, we play views on the products, for this we take any US (of your country, where did you get your mate) an aypishnik, go to our website, go to the product on the gamroad and update the page (nothing complicated, you will figure it out for yourself), spin 40-50 views a day.
6) We take vanilla vcc, buy 1 product, give a rest in a couple of days.
7) We write to the support of the gamroad, ask stupid questions about payments, etc., just find out about the functionality of the site. 😎 After 7-14 days have passed on Friday, you should have the first payment, but you will not receive it until your account is approved by Gamroad support, write to them on the soap on the day of payment and ask where is our money. In the first week, it is better to sell up to $ 100
9) After receiving the first payment, we expose all the remaining similar goods, we start making $ 200-500 per week, now all your payments will be sent to your account automatically, we are waiting for the 3rd week and start fuck it to the fullest, as much as you can. The gamroad does not have any alarming flags, so it is almost impossible for them to burn a sharp spurt in sales.
10) MAIN IMPORTANT: It is impossible for you to send charges, for this we pour only beschardzh mate there (vcc, balances pp), there will be at least 1 charge and then the alarm flags at the support will go off and your account will be checked by the administration, but we do not need this
11) Long-charging checkmate: you feel that you are making $ 3-5k a week, we can cast a long-charging checkmate, we receive payments stably until the first charge.

Method # 2
Everything is the same, only for withdrawal we use an American debit, we take it to ru, respectively, we register the account selector on the hamroad for an American, remove the cash from the ATM in ru, easy.

1) You will say that it is easier to pour through the ru pp akki directly, but believe me, the limits make themselves felt, payments from the gamroad do not cause any suspicion from the pp, they are calmly put on withdrawal on the day the payment arrives, and if anything, we can they boldly tell them about our activities selling electronic goods, everything looks white.
2) Sometimes PP balances can be charged on the initiative of PP, for this we use gaskets PP
3) With one ss or VCC or PP ACC, you can buy products many times, for this we clear the gamroad cookies and go to buy under the guise of another buyer with a different email.
4) At the first sales, it is worth downloading the product that will come to the customer's mail, gamroad keeps statistics and it will be very strange if none of your customers opened your product. 5) Merch gamroad does not support vbv
6) Cash out is obtained at 95%
7) You can take a plan on yukita like this https://prnt.sc/gnxodf

Cash out on the example of CHASE bank.
1. First, we need a bank account CHASE BANK. Usually they are sold in this format: Full name / Date of birth / Address of residence - city and state / Contacts / Account / Balance / Log + Pass
2. Socks5 for the state of the holder.
3. Dedik (homework) for the country of the holder.

Next, we need to make a self-registration in the suntrust bank. To do this, we need to punch bg (background) cr (credit history) and SSN (holder identification number) on the holder - how to punch is a separate story (to be described later), but everything will be needed for self-registration. A person with knowledge of English (he will figure out how to scold, do not fuck without knowledge, since you need a ringing)

Registered self-registration. (self-registration put aside)
Let's go further.
We need to link the BA to a private accounting service.
Go to: https://www.personalcapital.com/
We register an account for a cardholder.
I hope you are smart enough not to ref e-mail on google, yandex, yahoo.
There are services like mail.com and services for receiving SMS to American numbers. Google doesn't seem to be banned.

Are you registered? Now we take the cardholder's BA and enter the account through capital accounting.
For what? In order to link the account to the account, we need to catch mini-deposits (minikis)
The amount of these is up to 1 dollar.
And we enter from our self-register there.
After we entered everywhere. We link the accounts with each other by minics. Knitting will take 2-3 days.
Finally, we can deposit the first 200 bucks but never throw round sums.

The next deposit is within 400, 600 and we withdraw. Let's lie down for a day. If the holder has not woken up. We make a call on the topic: Is it possible to translate 4-5k and is there an available balance. (we create a show-off from the holder).

Well, then you yourself know what to do according to the principle above.

The easiest way to monetize is to give it to the clerk (cashout service).

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