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IP Logger: Find someone IP address with Grabify

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It could sound simple for those who already have some knowledge about hacking.

But for beginners (like me) this task could be a mystery.

To discover or resolve an IP address from a domain is quite simple, in Linux systems you can just open your terminal and type:

host “domain name”
dig “domain name”

ex: host google.com 112

You also can use some tools found in the web like http://www.sameip.org/ 1.7k, to discover the ip and also list the other domains that share it

This topic intend to show how to grab someone else IP address by sending him/her a link provided by an IP Logger website, Grabify 1.6k in this case, that will collect the info you need and then redirect to the link you choose the victim to see.

How the capture of an IP happen with this method:

You send a link to a victim > the victim click on it > Grabify collect and store victim info > Grabify redirect the victim to the real link

Ok, let’s try it out!

  • Choosing a link

Choose any valid link, but to be more successful you should aim for links that match a common subject to the victim.

  • Create a URL

go to Grabify and paste the link you choose on the input box and click on “Create URL”.



the page will verify if the link is valid.

  • Configuring the link

Assuming that the link you provide is valid, an URL is created and now its time to configure the shape of the link



Select the domain name to fit the final link the victim will see, you can also select the extensions or even send a google like URL. The link you choose to send does not matter, they all do the job.

Save the tracking code or the access link to see the info collected from the victims who click on your link.

  • Results

Once you post a link somewhere and people click on it, Grabify will store the info collected for you to see using the tracking code



If you just paste the link on a facebook chat window it will test the link. We got it reported, these are labelled as “bot” and you may filter it using the switch “Hide Bots”

That is it! now try it yourself!

you can click on your own link and see the info you get, it corresponds as expected?

Let us know!

Ok, but how it works? it uses banner grabbing technique 339

This is my firs topic, so a feedback from you would be nice!

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