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Email Scams - Lawyers Format

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I acknowledged the receipt of your email. I am Advocate Leonardo Elvis Victor, a renowned legal practitioner and a defensive lawyer , I am happily married with two wonderful kids and with a loving wife Mrs. Roswie Manti, I run my chambers at the heart of Malaysia and have other offices within and outside the metropolis.

I am the personal attorney to Mr Joseph Rothrock , who was a successful and prominent business man before he died.

I was propelled to confide on you from the approval of your partner Miss Mary Rothrock whom I believe as she told me that you are her trusted partner.

My client, Mr Joseph Rothrock deposited some family valuables (30KG of Gold in two Trunk boxes) to be precise and a managing director handling scheme of a company in Africa (mercury power industrial limited) all the documents and the Consignment are with me alongside a Security firm in sarawak Malaysia

I was told by My client, Mr Joseph Rothrock that not until his only child got engaged she shouldn't have access to the valuables, for her not to get into the wrong hands just because of this inheritance

Prior to the recommendation by Miss Mary Rothrock that she trusted you and want you to stand on her behalf to see that the firm delivers her Consignment to you safely for her and for her to come over to you I was prompted to approve it and convinced in that regard.

The necessary legal document with regard to the claims are with me.
which I will attach to the last mail when all verification are been confirmed because it might be demanded by the firm for approval and to ascertain your claims.

I will send the contact of the
Security Company. so you can get in contact with them as I will instruct you.

I would have like to believe in you and trust you that you will neither let me down or your partner when you receive this Consignment.

I urge you also to keep this transaction confidential for her safety and yours also because it's a family secret and fortune for it not to be manipulated before it get to you.

Hope to hear from you soon, to enable me instruct the Security Company to deliver the Consignment to you immediately.

Yours in service,
Advocate Leonardo Victor

Dear Mr,

The receipt of your mail was well understood, therefore you are advice to provide to me your
Full name,
Your our home address,
Telephone number,
Minimum wage per month,

And with these I will understand that you are really honest and truthful and willing to help your partner, then I will instruct the company to deliver the goods to you without much waste of time, but note that there will be changes of the documents in your name for a smooth deliver in your name . should we proceed on the changes?

Dear Mr.

I hope financial aspect of it will not let you stop helping your partner Miss Mary Rothrock because you will be the third person she is bringing to me as her fiancee. But they are all after the inheritance not ready to take care of her to my best of knowledge and experience in this job by not willing to pay for the delivery of the Consignment

You are required to pay some certain amount of money to the security company alongside the FedEx delivery for the changes to be made and the consignment to be delivered..
The amount to be paid is $1000
So the consignment will be delivered quickly and I hope you will be of good and caring partner to Miss Mary Rothrock because she trusted you whole heartedly that's why she is making you the heir to her inheritance
So are you ready to make the payment now... In order for me to give the accountant informations

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