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How to Untie a Stolen iPhone from iCloud

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Dear carders!
Have you ever had an iPhone (bought for a penny, found, stolen) and had to untie it from iCloud?
Catch the manual for unlinking an apple from iCloud.

Step 1
First, we need a receipt for the purchase of this device and a box with all the data on the sticker. You can search the internet for those who do it, or do it yourself if you have good Photoshop skills.

We print the whole thing (a sticker on a box and a receipt)

Step 2

  • Follow the link http://www.apple.com/support/contact/
  • Click START
  • Choosing a device
  • Click: Service Requests and Troubleshooting, Next: Unable to Lock or Unlock Phone, Then No Thanks, Continue
  • Click: Schedule a call
  • Enter your Serial number
  • At the next stage, we enter our own: phone number (they will call you, preferably not MTS, usually they do not dial MTS), last name, first name, mail (the appeal number will be sent to it).
  • We are waiting for a call (2 minutes). You will immediately receive the number of your appeal in the mail, just with this number and you will need to compose an email to the American office of Apple. You don't have to talk on the phone, it doesn't affect anything. Or you can talk.

Step 3
We write an appeal (in English) to the address eu_eng_purchase_validation@apple.com with the subject "Case [number of the appeal from clause 2] Activation lock".

In the body of the letter you write (in English!) That after the iOS update, you cannot activate your iPhone serial number like this.
As proof that you acquired it legally, you can provide the following evidence:

Good photos
A phone, a box (with a bottom label, where all the numbers are), a sales receipt, or just a check from the store and other things that you have (invoices, invoices, warranty cards). The check must contain the seller's phone or website, its name, address, phone value, brand, serial number. IMEI is desirable.

The purchase date on the receipt must be no older than the date of its activation.

Apple needs:
- Name of the outlet where the product was purchased, address and phone number or website;
- Date of purchase, code the product was originally sold;
- Detailed list of products, including price and serial number;
- The total purchase amount.

Why it's so hard: Apple cares about its users and doesn't contribute to crime. If you cannot confirm the purchase by presenting the box and documents, there is a possibility that your device is stolen, and, then, it must be returned to the owner)))

Step 4
We are waiting for the result.

On average, this whole process from the moment of sending the application takes 12-28 days, depending on the workload of the company, since at the moment their privacy policy allows you to unlock devices by check again, we can use it, I think such a short time will be relevant for another 3-4 months.
I will repeat once again, if you are not a specialist in photomontage and communication with people, I advise you to turn to professionals.

I want to note that if you are not a specialist in photomontage and communicating with people, then I advise you not to take up this business at all or turn to professionals, because if you get excited with poor-quality rendering the first time, then in the second you, most likely, glue on the beard.

Naturally, it is not necessary to "find" the stubs, but you can simply put this topic on stream, providing a service for unlocking.

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