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Hey Friends start You Spam today, the first Tutorial Of Spamming and the biggest one enjoy.

All members want to get There private Result (Bank account, Credit Card Fulls, Accounts).
it not hard you need just some Work.

Here We Start:

What You need To Start Spam:
1 - Mailist
2 - Hosting ( Cpanel or Shell )
3 - Mailler
4 - A good Skam page
5 - Email To REceive the Result Spam
6 - a Letter

Now i will explain for you all of this.

1. Mailist

To Start Spaming You nedd To get a mail List (email where you will send your spam), understand?
Good, but now You will told me How we can get a good mailist.
I will Show You in the 2 Tutorial how to Get a mail list).

2. Scam page

Scam Page mean, a programed Website look like Paypal website or bank website, this scam page you will must upload it in hosting and send it to the mail list to get result.
So how you can Get this skam page, it easy and fast you need just to download it from a Hack Forum.
I will post some Scam page for you (Paypal Bank)

3. Hosting

It the place where you will upload your scam page to send it, so you toled me now how i can get it, this is not very very hard but you need some time to get it (you need to hack website).
Don't worry i will post some hacked hosting In Toxic Boys Website to help you for starting.

4. Mailler

Mean the tools needed to send the spam.
To the mailist it very easy to use it, this tools allow for you to send a letter whiththe information.
You like (email of sender the title of thread) and to allow you to send spam to million email with just one click, i will show you in the next thread.

5. Letter

Its The letter who you wil send it to the mailist, for example if you will spam Paypal account you need a letter for paypal, this letter is programed and it like the original letter of paypal or bank company.
(Hello, You need To confirm Your paypal Account).

6. Your Email

You will use it and place it in the scam page.
To get your result of spam in your email.

That All Now i will explaine you The Setup.

First We need to Get a mailist (i will show you in the next post).
Then we need a mailler and hosting and we start, you need to upload The skam page in the Hosting and place.
Your own email in it to receive the spam result. Then you need to upload the mailler scripte in the hosting and now you Need To change somme thing in the letter.
You need To add your link of your uploaded Scam page to send it, Here We start skam page and mailler uploaded in the hosting letter modified with ower informatin.
Now go to the mailler link and put the mailist and the letter and the information of sender (if you will spam paypal account).
You must pute service@paypal.com like email sender the title of letter is you need to confirm your account ) and you start to send spam to the hacked mailist now you need just to wait to receive the spam result when they access to the scam page and write there information (credit card) you will receive it in your own email.

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