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Mobile carding setup 2021 for Amazon

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mobile method: If you want better success rate you can buy a local card from your area with the same zipcode. Go buy a cheap phone around 20usd make a Gmail with cardholders name when you set up the phone. then download facebook, instagram, to make yourself look like the cardholder setting up there new phone.then search around online for 20 minutes to build up logs then download the app you want to card or go to the site you want to card. Make an account with cardholders details ( YOU NEED FULLZ DONT USE CVV. YOU NEED CARDHOLDERS DATE OF BIRTH. to much protection will kill the card & set off redflags so i dont use anything. Always use free wifi or data, and before you go home take out the battery & simcard so you cant be tracked. if you want quick cashout look for a shop you can pickup 30 minutes arfter ordering.

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