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Booking.com Carding Method

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New email with cc holders name
Socks of the cc holder city
The First thing you will do is to get your cc ready to process the hotel booking online. I will advise that you go for non-refundable rooms.
Your cc should be of high balance to cover the hotel fees.
Make an email with the cc holder name and get ready to start the process.
Visit (https://www.booking.com/) and make a new account with the cc holders detail. Now, proceed to login and browse available rooms for the country/city you want to book a hotel in.
Allow your account to age before checking out.
Go to Booking.com (http://booking.com/) and select the hotel type you want.
Now , After choosing hotel room go for the non-refundable rooms and checkout.
After filling in your Guest name and details go to next page, that’s the payment page and look for something like pay now and fill that column.
If you didn’t find that Pay now column then choose another hotel till you get
Put in cc details and make payment.
Now the site will say thank you and reservation is paid.
You’ll get the booking receipt via email.

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