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5570395044251497|01|28|662|Sieiro sabrina|Jose leon Suarez 3339|Lanus|Buenos aires|1825|Argentina|+5491169178115|03/18/1982 (38 th)|
379975550052035|08|24|7363|juan martin jimenez|ruta 20 km 2 distrito los blancos|san salvador de jujuy|jujuy|4600|Argentina|3884623016|10/07/1950 (70 th)|
5427021192628717|08|24|717|Pistone Paola Carina|Bv. Buenos aires 1915|Gral. Cabrera|Cordoba|5809|Argentina|3585620234|07/01/1975 (45 th)|
5434298968204771|07|24|053|David P Robinson|Ulica Prusa 7/18|Wloclawek|Kujawsko-Pomorskie|87-800|Poland|601916415|21/12/1953 (67 th)|
5100083595255427|05|21|582|Hind Alkaabi|Prins Hendrikstraat 18|Almelo|Overijssel|7607 VH|Netherlands|0633134008|23/07/1974 (46 th)|
4757147396943579|01|22|103|Muktar Sheeiff|Wendel Cobergherstraay 421|Breda|Breda|4827BE|Netherlands|0031619807759|01/07/1982 (38 th)|
5431106000013667|04|24|208|Wilhelmina j bohm|Kaminda Lugá Alehá 9|Kralendijk|Bonaire|1111aa|Caribbean Netherlands|005997967604|29/05/1959 (61 th)|
5220781225480316|09|24|482|A. Ivanovitch|Pieter de Voisstraat 35|The Hague|The Netherlands|2551 JA|Netherlands|31614234777|27/01/1974 (46 th)|
375319001671008|06|25|4695|GUSTAV ANDERSON|Willem se Zwijgerlaan 93HS|Amsterdam|North Holland|1056 JH|Netherlands|640868279|04/02/1992 (28 th)|

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