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7 South Africa CC,s Live!

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4790125006386172|11|20|875|MA Fredericks|433 Kawie avenue|Pretoria|Gauteng|0022|South Africa|+27635766524|Annazette01@yahoo.com|Morris@2210
4578965054981293|05|23|803|Byron Gelman|48b Grey Street, Kensington B, Randburg|Johannesburg|Gauteng|2194|South Africa|0670410005|
5284972365493226|11|23|366|Patricia|Ny 47 Room 36 Gugulethu Cape Town|Cape Town|South Africa|7750|South Africa|0739699070|Patipati_23282@yahoo.co.uk|Mxolisi1234
5179890055708745|09|23|066|Jy lensley|84 Elandsvlei|Johannesburg|Gauteng|1759|South Africa|0792830485|Jackie.olivier@yahoo.com|jackie7t09
5284973029746009|11|25|042|B M Cloete|60 Jasmyn Street|Robertson|Western cape|6705|South Africa|0813742453|Bridwyne@yahoo.com|bbbriley3
5326572602064366|01|21|648|M Alegria|5 Watsonia Street|Pomona, Kempton park|South Africa|1916|South Africa|+270722699007|sun4aqua@yahoo.com|Janice@23
4790125010958842|10|21|866|N L Mkhize|21 Palana Valley, 1 Robertson Road|Durban|Kwa Zulu Natal|3610|South Africa|0792120384|Lunga28@yahoo.com|paypalpassword

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