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  1. @King World thank u bro, nice share +211$ +134$ +198$
  2. Caught the CVV for AT LEAST $50 THX+ AGAIN Brother
  3. Thanx For 1 work 125.42$ 5273463575880892|09|24|469|ALEXANDROS GKARIS|olympou 18|nikaia|atiki|18454|Greece|6970027399|
  4. 1st and 2nd good for $130 THX+ Brother
  5. Hello everyone! I can get CC with 3ds code from almost any country (Hong Kong, China, Israel, etc.). I am looking for partners for long-term cooperation. I have a credit card + 3ds code! If you have cashing methods that accept large volumes, 10-20-30k $, you are not a 15-year-old student who is trying to cheat me for $ 600, maybe we will work with you.
  6. @King World CC is good Validrate for now, I have buying over 200$ daily from you!
  7. Was in time for this 1 thx yet again @King World
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