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  1. First, you will need a log with an Amazon account. most of the Mat sellers have a selection of links, that is, you can buy logs for your request, for example, the same Amazon. Let's get started. Configure your system for KX, using the sphere for this purpose (you can not use the sphere, it's just easier and faster with it), load cookies from the log and first of all go to the KX mail. I advise you to always go to the shop using the link from the soap, so you will gain less points of fraud, and this only helps you. Amazon sends a lot of ads, so you can definitely find the letter. There are no fools in the security service of a company of this level. The guys there are well aware that modern hackers have a lot of tools for implementing various kinds of substitutions, so the attention will be focused on other things. Amazon is very important to get a good warm-up from a clean IP address, which would not light up in blacklists. This is what I say to the fact that it is desirable to have a proxy as clean as possible, especially at the initial stage of your career. Select an address without blacklists, so that you do not complain about the cancellation and blocking of accounts. Of course, there are lucky people who scored $ 5,000 with a VPN, but until you have experience, do not try to repeat their achievements. You'll only waste your money and kill Logie. However, experience is the best teacher. So, here you are, following the link from your email to Amazon's website. Look in the upper-right corner. If you see something like this there (see the image below), then the cookies did not work completely. Don't be alarmed this is normal. Click the Sign In button, a window will pop up in front of you where you need to enter your username and password, these data must be in the file with the passwords from your log. Write either with pens or using PASTE LIKE HUMAN PRINT. It is really noticed that Amazon likes this feature. Check the Keep me signed in box. If the password is correct, the cookies are fresh and everything is fine, then the page will update and Amazon will welcome you. It often happens that you will be required to accept the verification code in your email. This means that the password is correct, but Amazon wants to be safe. Feel free to click SEND CODE and get the code in the email KX, from there copy and paste in the input field. IMPORTANT INFORMATION In order for KX not to burn emails that come through your fault, you need to configure filters in the mail. This is a very important point, I advise you to configure the filter, at least on Amazon as quickly as possible. For example, in Gmail, this is how it is done. Click on the button (down arrow) in the top panel. This window will appear (see the image below), where you will have to enter criteria for filtering messages. In this case, this word is "amazon", but you can do the same with "eBay" or "Chase" Bank, or anything else. click CREATE FILTER Here. White button, not blue! Then, you set the following settings: All. This way, all emails will fall immediately into the trash, bypassing the Inbox folder. In this case, Push notifications do not come to your smartphone either. Cool, convenient, useful. Always put a filter on the service that you are going to bend. After all, it is very important that KH did not burn anything, and you did your dirty work cleanly and efficiently. Make it a rule, and the sooner the better. In other emails, this is implemented in a similar way, Google and see detailed manuals, so I will not focus on this. Find a filter, set it up for a keyword, catch letters from the trash for your own use, and after reading and extracting all the necessary information, immediately delete them. Don't leave them there, it's better to get yourself a file with statistics records and write everything there. Always be safe and clean up the traces of your activities. now to Amazon The shop has an intuitive interface, and you are not stupid if you read the Raccoon channel, so we will do without parsing the interface. Poke yourself, poizuchay, only good will. I mentioned earlier that Amazon's AF is very good, so you need to carefully warm up your account. To start, try to go to Orders, look at the activity of KX. Maybe there will be orders that are on the way, maybe there will be orders that haven't even been sent yet. There are orders for which a refund is issued. This shows that the account is alive. Sometimes there are a lot of orders, sometimes there are few, of course, the more the better, since this confirms the client's solvency, however, in this case, it is possible that KH himself often enters the account, or has push notifications in the Amazon mobile app on his phone. In short, the number of orders is not an indicator. The main thing is that they are. So, be sure to go to the products that KX bought, see similar products from the offered ones, walk through the pages that Amazon offers. Don't rush to interesting products right away. Look at that slag that took KKH, poronui prices, possible to smoothly move on to your interesting categories. For example, if KH previously ordered photographic equipment, it is reasonable to look at the camera, if the components for the PC, then, respectively, they are. Most importantly, take your time. Go to your account and write in the search for iphone xs max and drive 10 pieces you can and will succeed, but only the account will die, and access to it will be lost. The ideal warm-up is when you log in to your account for several days from a single IP. And you are engaged in comparing products, searching for the most suitable one for you. Therefore, it is wise to use SSH when working with Amazon. Because proxies often die, although you can also work with them quite successfully. In Amazon, you can place an order from any dirty IP without money on the card, it is processed after placing the order. It is at this point beginning to work a majority of its anti-fraud algorithms. In short, the order is not an indicator of the success of the drive. And orders that fall under suspicion, Amazon does not just cancel, but blocks such accounts and all payment information is deleted from them. Therefore, it is extremely important to imitate the behavior of a real American, you can add products to the Wish List or Shopping List. Leave reviews on products purchased by the holder, which also reduces fraud points and improves your reputation. Add the product to the list at the bottom right: For example, there are a lot of them on this log, which is good. You can fill them in, then select the product from there, and drive in. For example, today you stopped at the PS4. Before that, you carefully studied the products that you bought KX, reviewed a lot of junk, and decided that the PS4 is your choice. She lay down for a couple of days in one of the sheets, and you went to the ACC from one IP and again admired the PS4, compared it to the Xbox, the Nintendo switch, well, you understand me. You warmed up your account. Products that are marked PRIME or FULLFILMENT BY AMAZON are not suitable for driving in. To view all sellers who sell this product, click on this link: Items with PRIME or FULLFILMENT BY AMAZON will be sent by Amazon's courier service. Such a product will not be able to turn over, or make a pickup. PAY ATTENTION TO THIS. ALWAYS. Try to choose small sellers with a small number of reviews and sales. These stores are often sent using FedEx \ UPS, where you can make a rerut. USPS, AMZL, LASERSHIP - do not reload. Add a product to your cart and proceed to payment. Yes, at first it will seem that this is a lottery, but there are a lot of sellers who use fedex now, and it is the easiest to get around. Smaller UPS. USPS on the Amazon is very rare. Here, sellers are really fighting for their name and reputation, so they are sent by responsible couriers who do not put a bolt on the packs and send them quickly enough. I advise you to set the speed of delivery either Expedited Shipping or Two Day Shipping. Don't use the fastest one, it can't be deployed in the delivery process, due to the fact that it is an Express delivery. Important point. If this window POPs up, after you have selected the delivery address, change it. This means that this address, with this card you selected, has not yet been paid. If you have a card number, you can try adding a new address, and confirm it by entering the SS number, but I do not advise, especially using the address of the intermediary. Seriously, it's almost 2019, Amazon in the middle of a utopia. Alas, and Ah, but progress does not stand still. Change the address \ card, try different combinations, which should work, you will see it - the field for entering the card number will disappear. If you have a card number linked to your account, you should try to enter egift. Unlike other stores, Amazon requires the full number of the linked card, while most other stores will request a cvv code, which is very rare in the logs. If the gift is processed successfully, it will fall to the mail as a code. Sell this code to misers, they know what to do with it. Moving on. When Amazon gives you a confirmation of the order, click the view or edit order button and take the shipping address, order number, and name of the seller from whom you made the purchase. It happens that an account dies when the package is already on the way, so use this data to track it. You can also track your order using the link that will be sent to your KX mail, even without logging in to your account. That is, even if KX changes the password, you can track the movement of the order. Quite convenient and useful. THE IMPORTANT POINT When the order goes to the final stage, Amazon will try to charge the amount that the order was made to KX from the card. If the payment is successful, you will simply receive a notification that your order has been sent. If KX doesn't have enough money on the card, or the card is already closed, blocked, or something else, you will see the error shown in the screenshot below. The error is both sent to your email and displayed in your Amazon account. So, the procedure for working with Amazon: Log in to your account, put a filter on your email. Grey account - the longer the better. IMPORTANT! Pay, write down the shipping address, order number, name of the seller. Catch the track, preferably via email. Don't disturb the AF system again. Reroute and receiving payments. A couple more tips. If you receive an email from Amazon containing the words account alert, it means that you did not pass the AF, you fucked up somewhere, and you were calculated. It is very unfortunate, but the account in this case dies. Restore is incredibly difficult, it may require an answer to a secret question, the validity of the card, receiving SMS to the KX number. If you see such an error, try to pay with another card, or take the product cheaper. No one is insured against the lack of money on the card, so there are no guarantees, but, as a rule, money is found on the cards. As for gifts, the main thing for gifts is the card number. Without it, gifts are rarely driven in, but this also happens. Try to drive a gift, if you uploaded cookies and Amazon immediately recognizes you, and does not ask for a password at all. This usually means that the cookies are fresh, and the shop is set up well, you can try. Perhaps, but not a fact. Check - a matter of one minute, be sure to check, if it does not work, then you have not lost anything, and if it does, it will be very nice. Gifts are bought instantly, perhaps the fastest money in karge. Act carefully, imitate KX in all possible ways, play mind games with the anti-Fraud system. __________________
  2. Looking for card wth pin fullz pm me
  3. Looking for card wth pin fullz pm me
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