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  1. Interested in your offer , please let me know the conditions . Regards picsou
  2. you have any contact paste here bro
  3. Interested. Please leave form of contact, Telegram.
  4. High quality Google voice account, US phone number ALL STATE AVAILABLE ★ READ WELL BEFORE YOU BUY PLEASE !!!! ★ Incoming / outgoing calls to America and Canada are free. ★ SMS incoming / outgoing to America and Canada is also free. ★ You can receive any number of SMS to your US virtual Google Voice number. ★ This is your personal US phone number. ★ Numbers are sold as an account with no expiration date. ★ The number serves for incoming and outgoing calls, for receiving and sending SMS, ★ it can be used as anonymous, your data is not specified anywhere. ★ The numbers are new and have not been used by anyone before each number is only in one hand. ★ To accept SMS, just log in to your voice.google.com account. ★ If you do not want the caller to your number to be asked the name, (then "voice.google.com >> settings> Calls> Call Screenin> Off") ★For incoming and outgoing calls, simply log in to your account at https://hangouts.google.com/ Contact Jabber: king882@xmpp.jp
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