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  1. Registration in the group for the month of August is open. Start on August 10.What is covered in the coursePart 1 Extensive block on working with CC + course on security and anonymity Part 2 Working with Bank Accounts (All of the above are one course)Student bonuses Bonuses How is the training going Duration of training Training schedule and time Course price Course cost How to sign up? Recording order: FAQ Answers to frequently asked questions Reviews - Study - Reviews of the ProCrd training courseContacts for registration, questions, payment:Private messages on the forum <= clickTelegram - (They are using fakes, check the contact carefully, do verification through the forum)Jabber - on request in the LAN Sign upand pay through your account on the forum - Cardinmate - Carding forum / Carding forum
  2. Dont Forget To Like & Rate My Work, Good Luck .... -------------------- -------------------- HOW TO GET CC & BANK INFO EASILY - -------------------------------------------------- ----- This is a light guide for the beginners who have no idea of where to start. What is spamming? Spamming / Phishing is when you send out a lot of mail / sms to a targeted group of people in hope of getting sensitive information from them. Example is bank logins, Credit card information, Game accounts, etc. What do i need? A SMTP or some way to send a lot of email without getting banned. A web host for your scam page. Scam page, This is where you will have them enter all the information. Example: Copy of the bank login site, Copy of the website you want the information about. A mail list (There are a few different ways to get this. Hacked databases, Buy them or what ever clever way you come up with) How do i cash out? Depends on what you are collecting but generally it is from selling the information you obtain. CCs or Bank logs / bank logins can you sell on multiple forums. Tutorial -------------- Step 1: Figure out what you want to spam. (I like to go through my spam folder and see what people are currently sending) Step 2: Copy a spam mail you like so you have it ready for later. Step 3: Get a SMTP server where you can send your spam from. (A lot of hosts will take down your SMTP if you spam so either get a hacked one or a place you know they wont take it down) Step 4: Ask a developer for a phishing site of the site you want. (This shouldn't cost more then $ 100, I normally do it for $ 50) Step 5: Now get a cheap web host with a domain. (This shouldn't cost you more then $ 20-40. After you getting upload the scam page code) Step 6: Now it's time to send out your spam mail. So you need some kind of software, With a quick google search i found sendblaster where you can add your own SMTP Step 7: Now you are all good and just have to redo step 1-6 with another target list.
  3. Glad to present you my service - Hacking to order - Professional hacking to order. - Hacking sites - getting a database. Price from $ 1500 - Email hacking price from $ 1000 - hacking messengers price from $ 1000 - Hacking social networks price from $ 500 An individual approach to each client. Professional approach -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. iPhone 12 Carding Method 2021 1. Go to realtor.com/trulia.com 2. Enter your zip code 3. Select a house 4. Copy the address to instantcheckmate.com/truthfinder.com or whitepages.com and select occupant 5. Get all their info, DOB, Telephone 6. Go to https://unicvv.ru/ or and buy their SSN 7. Using autodetect go to tmobile.com, uscellular.com, att.com credomobile.com or verizon.com(at&t is the easiest for SSN approval) 8. When SSN get approved buy a CC with the same zip code as your drop address. 9. In the checkout page, use every info you got and replace the address with your drop address (Zip code will match since you chose same zip code as target) Best Bins for down payment:: 414720 475824 442868 430587
  5. Financial software company Intuit has notified TurboTax customers that some of their personal and financial information was accessed by attackers following what looks like a series of account takeover attacks. In a breach notification letter sent to affected customers earlier this month, the company said that this was not a "systemic data breach of Intuit." In account takeover attacks, cybercriminals gain access to their victims' accounts using credentials stolen from other online services following past data breaches. This type of attack works incredibly well against targets who use the same login credentials for multiple sites or services. TurboTax accounts hacked using reused credentials Intuit discovered during a security review that an undisclosed number of TurboTax accounts was breached and customer info was exposed. The company's investigation revealed that the threat actors used credentials (usernames and passwords) obtained from "a non-Intuit source" to gain access to the accounts. "By accessing your account, the unauthorized party may have obtained information contained in a prior year's tax return or your current tax return in progress, such as your name, Social Security number, address(es), date of birth, driver's license number and financial information (e.g., salary and deductions), and information of other individuals contained in the tax return," Intuit explained. "We deeply regret that this incident may affect you. Intuit has taken various measures to help ensure that the accounts of affected customers are protected. We are notifying you so you can take steps to help protect your information," the company added. After discovering the attacks, Intuit temporarily disabled the breached TurboTax accounts. Users who had their accounts deactivated must contact Intuit's Customer Care department at 1-800-944-8596 and say "Security" when prompted. Afterward, Intuit employees will walk them through an identity verification procedure designed to help reactivate the accounts. Previous alerts of threat actors taking over TurboTax accounts This is not the first time attackers have successfully hacked into TurboTax users' accounts and stole financial and personal information. TurboTax customers were previously targeted in at least three other series of account takeover attacks in 2014/2015 and again in 2019. Just as after the previous three incidents, Intuit provides one year of free identity protection, credit monitoring, and Experian IdentityWorks identity restoration services to impacted customers. Intuit and TurboTax spokespersons were not available for comment when contacted by BleepingComputer earlier for further info on the breach dates and the number of impacted accounts. __________________
  6. Doing Ria Transfer IF You Can Pick Up Send Pm Now On Telegram......
  7. 1: Dnsdumpster :- dns recon & research , find & lookup dns records 2: Verify email address :- Verify email address online using free email verification tool. 3: ZOOMEY :- find iot device and bugs in android WordPress PHPMyAdmin and much more 4: Search CVE List :- Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE®) is a list of entries — each containing an identification number, a description, and at least one public reference — for publicly known cybersecurity vulnerabilities. 5: NATIONAL VULNERABILITY DATABASE :- NVD is the U.S. government repository of standards-based vulnerability management data represented using the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP). This data enables the automation of vulnerability management, security measurement, and compliance. NVD includes databases of security checklists, security-related software flaws, misconfigurations, product names, and impact metrics 6: GREYNOISE :- GreyNoise Intelligence is a cyber security company that collects, labels, and analyzes Internet-wide scan and attack data. 7: SEEBUG :- You can find bugs here 8: SHODAN :- Shodan is the world’s first search engine for Internet-connected devices. … Use Shodan to discover which of your devices are connected to the Internet, 9: Website Vulnerability Scanner :- The Web Vulnerability Scanner finds website vulnerabilities like SQLi, XSS, server misconfiguration and many more. Use our Website Scanner to check your web security. 10: Hack This Site :- HackThisSite! is a legal and safe network security resource where users test their hacking skills on various challenges and learn about hacking and network security. Also provided are articles, comprehensive and active forums, and guides and tutorials. Learn how to hack!
  8. Netflix PREMIUM - 2$ for one account When you buy an account, you agree to: 1.do not change your account password 2.do not link your phone to your account For more details PM Accounts warranty - 1 month!
  9. Netflix PREMIUM - 2$ for one account When you buy an account, you agree to: 1.do not change your account password 2.do not link your phone to your account For more details PM Accounts warranty - 1 month!
  10. Personal Information| Full name : Erik Peciar| Date of birth : 29/11/1986| Address : 48A Market Street, Bridgwater, TA6 3EP| Telephone : 07526571274| Email : erik.peciar@gmail.com+ ------------------------------------------++ Account Details (EE)| Username : erik.peciar@gmail.com| Password : Erik291186+ ------------------------------------------++ Billing Information| Card BIN : 475714| Card Bank : Unknown Bank For This BIN!| Card Type :| Cardholder Name : Erik Peciar| Card Number : 4757146083708253| Card Exp : 11 / 21| CVV : 011| Account : 03874722| Sort Code : 09-01-28
  11. Gwinch11@icloud.com Daniel87
  12. 100 Spotify Premium Accounts All Fresh https://throwbin.io/h1ASWDd
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